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To: Mr. Peter Regien 

President Enjoy to Pay

Dear Mr. President,

First of all, I would like to thank you again for the grant that your organization has given us last year. It was a real life saver, because last year, as you know we have been in a serious cash crisis, due to the blockage of the EU funding.

We have received the reimbursements from the European Union, this is why, we will use the grant that you have given us to redo our “oldest” day centre, “Together” day centre, which  provides services for 70 adults with intellectual disabilities, which in some cases are associated with epilepsy, physical disabilities and challenging behavior.

The centre includes four workshops in which our service users participate in various activities in the area of occupational and expressive therapy: working activities (handcraft, tailoring, different handmade products), music therapy, art therapy; developing communication and social skills; promoting self-advocacy.

“Together” day centre also includes the activity of “Pentru Voi” protected unit: plastic bags recycling, assembling plastic lids for air fresheners, mobile teams who work at the headquarter of some companies.

In the same building, we have the kitchen. Here is prepared breakfast and lunch for all 150 service users of our three day centers.

Because of the increasing number of service users, we have to reorganize the space of our day centre in order to comply with the current quality standards and to meet special needs of adults with intellectual and associated disabilities. 

The building was made in 1996, so it has almost 20 years and needs reparation. Our plan is to redo the building and to adapt it to address individual needs of the service users of the day centre, to change the damaged sanitary, the heating system, the tiles in the bathrooms. Another need of renovation due to the growing number of our service users refers to the reorganization of the kitchen’s space, according to sanitary regulation (HACCP regulations). We need more space for the kitchen area, so we will include a former office space in the kitchen area. We provide everyday a warm lunch to 150 persons with disabilities, from all our  three day centers. This warm meal is very important to all our service users, but especially for those who have serious financial difficulties and they couldn’t afford it otherwise.

Thank you for your generosity and we will be delighted if you or your colleagues will come to Timisoara next years and pay us a visit to see how we have used your grant.

Best regards,

Laila Onu

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